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By the Bluff offers Bed and Breakfast stay for Veterans

Some Inns who are members of The North Fork Bed and Breakfast  Association (NFBBA) offer a free night stay at their B&B in honor of Veterans Day.    The website to learn more about this Veteran program is

By the Bluff B&B opened up their home for three nights during the last week of October, 2011 in honor of Veterans Day.  This is the second year By The Bluff took part in this program.

We had a great turn out this year, as we did last year.    On one of the three nights, we actually had the same 4 couples who stayed the previous year.   They are like old friends now.  They went to Skippers for Dinner and were served free desserts as the owner is a veteran, himself.

It’s an amazing experience to sit and listen to these Veterans’ stories – some who just got back from Iraq and Afghanistan.   Two of our Viet Nam vets were surprised to discover that they served in the same years.  One was in Airborne and the other a Medic.  These two went into our living room, sat down, pulled out their wallets and started comparing pictures.  They knew some of the same men in the pictures.   Amazing.

One Marine had a hip injury he and his wife stayed in the suite on the main floor of By The Bluff B&B.


The Veterans sit around the breakfast table in the morning telling their stories, sometimes laughing, sometimes not.  3 hours would pass by and they would still be talking and laughing.

They couldn’t thank Maurice and I enough for doing this for them.  WE are the ones who felt thankful and honored for doing what they did for US.








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