North Fork Celebrates Independence day with Parades, Carnivals and Fireworks


Were do you go tonight and this whole week into next weekend to see Fireworks on the North Fork?

Tonight, July 4th, the two big place to view fireworks are Greenport and Riverhead. As part of the Greenport Fire Department Carnival, Fireworks will be on display at 10:00 on at the Polo grounds on Moores lane. The carnival is from 6-11 pm and ends on July 5thLocal weather reports are saying chance of rain are very low and clouds will even be cleared by then. If you want to travel a little further west, the Riverhead Raceway will be holding their annual fireworks at dusk. If you plan your evening right you could probably see both!

But the North Fork extends the celebration of our nations independence for the entire week! The Jamesport Fire Department’s 60th annual carnival opens on Tuesday, July 7th and will include a parade at 7 pm on July 8th. The carnival will continue until July 11th, when it will end with a Fireworks extravaganza! Just a short ferry ride away, the Shelter island Chamber of Commerce will be holding their annual fireworks display at Cresent Beach on July 11th as well. If you don’t want to take the ferry, the fireworks should be visible at the end of 5th Street in Greeport.

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