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North Fork B&B Association in Long Island
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Long Island's North Fork Bed and Breakfast Association invites you to visit our world-class wineries, shop our bountiful farm stands and charming antique shops, enjoy our pristine seas and bays, and of course... Stay With Us!

The North Fork Bed and Breakfast Association is the founding B&B Association on the North Fork and has been in existence for over fifteen years.

While each B&B is unique, all share in their commitment to guest comfort and adhere to the highest standards of hospitality, cleanliness and professionalism.

  • Breakfast is served and included in the room rate.
  • Room rates are printed and reservations are guaranteed with deposit.
  • Our members are knowledgable about their communities.


We are pleased that you are interested in joining our B&B community. Bed and Breakfasts are an important part of the North Fork. In opening your home to overnight guests you will instantly become an ambassador to our region. Visitors will seek you out and locals will come to view you as a welcome resource. Most North Fork residents recognize B&Bs as a welcome alternative to big hotels. Bed and Breakfasts have become an attractive solution toward keeping our North Fork beautiful. Each of our homes is unique, offering something for everyone and every taste. A guest staying at an association home has his/her choice between visiting a harbor town or staying on a farm; visiting a new home or staying in a historic residence; waking to rural vistas, or beachscapes. In each case an association home is guaranteed to be lovely, clean and professional. Each home is unique, beautiful, and brimming with its own personality. We look forward to seeing what you and your home will bring to our association and to our community.

The North Fork Bed & Breakfast Association is committed to the B&B industry and welcomes new members. All B&B’s are invited to apply for membership. The procedure is simple and the rewards are great.